Introduction to Beat My Solar Bid

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by my site. My name is Mark Connelly and I was active in the Solar Industry from 2009 to 2014. During that time frame I sold close to 2MW in solar energy here in San Diego, CA. I started out working for a small Mom and Pop shop and worked my way to being one of the top salesman in a National Chain that was a pioneer in the solar field.

I left my position in March of 2014 after the birth of my daughter Lucy. I wanted to focus more on time at home and raising my daughter while concentrating on the next phases of my career. Here is my family after finishing my first marathon this past April. I’m the ugly one in the middle. My wife Sara is the stunning one on the right. The pearl of our lives is Lucy on the left.


As a solar salesman in San Diego, I would often spend 60-80 hours a week away from home, working, quoting solar jobs, following up, etc. After I stepped away from solar for 6 months, I began thinking of an easier way for homeowners and contractors to collaborate for solar. The problem I wanted to solve was how could I protect and make better use of everyone’s time? The issue I identified was that the solar sales process was broken and that it could be streamlined for the sake of homeowners and contractors. was born from this necessity in the industry. I have created an online platform where I pre-screen solar contractors based on time in business, proper licensing, cost per watt, and online reviews. I only want to support the best, low cost product offerings in the marketplace. Having a solid network of contractors, I set my primary focus to helping homeowners.

Homeowners can utilize BeatMySolarBid for free by posting their electric bill details online along with address for viewing the rooftop on Google Earth and in return get bids sent direct to the email via our secure server. The other option we provide is if you already have a bid, you can post the specifics of the bid online to see if our network of contractors can offer you a better value or price. There is also a vast amount of industry knowledge broken down into Leyman’s terms in my Solar 101 and FAQ portion.

My site works to save homeowners time by getting the best prices upfront and then homeowners can either move forward or invite the contractor to their home for a formal site evaluation. Rather than spending your Saturday morning or weekday evenings having 3-8 solar contractors give you pitches, this vehicle will allow you to receive 4-5 top quality bids right to your email hassle free. It will take you 10 minutes to input your data, then within a couple hours you have your bids.

The site also benefits my pre-screened contractors. They can bid 2-3 projects within 15-20 and this will expand their market reach without putting miles and minutes on the road. This helps them talk to the people who are interested in hearing what they have to say. I only work with the best of the best so homeowners know when they come to my site, they are receiving top quality work and best in class pricing.

I hope the service works for you and you feel compelled to share it with your friends and family members. If you have any feedback or comments, please send them over to This site is a work in progress where I will be building a platform to best serve homeowners and solar contractors in San Diego. Your suggestions are honored and appreciated.

I am also happy to assist, evaluate, and share my knowledge in any facet of solar energy that you are exploring. I will probably have 95% of the answers to your questions and will know where to direct you to the other 5%.

Yours in Solar,